1. Elize

    2 weke gelede teruggekom van Osloo waar ouma vir nou 5 weke oue Christian gaan kuier het en vir mamma gaan help toe. Elke dag kry ons fotos en vee elke keer ‘n traan af. Wanneer gaan ons jou weer sien my klein ‘liefling’? Geniet jou blog vreeslik baie. Groete uit SA.

  2. Danelle Hamilton

    Dearest Marlize, what a beautiful tribute to your family, to pain and to love. What a truly beautiful soul you are. Hope to be there for you in some way post 4th. But let’s not think of that right now. ENJOY!!!

  3. Tomorrow is the day! May your beloveds arrive safely, Marlize, and may they not experience too much jetlag.

    Emigration? I honestly fear the painful longing and the mourning of what-could/should have been more than the challenges I have to face in this anti-white country where the ANC and their cadres are now the representatives of Hitler, and Afrikaners of the Jews. Fearing a horrible death and a very dark future opposed to missing my roots and beloved relatives and friends??? Making a choice between these two is like being between the proverbial devil and the deep blue see.

    Why history has to repeat itself, only God knows!

    Enjoy every precious hour with your beloveds!

  4. Liz

    Reading this takes me back a few years – next year will be my 40th in Oz and I have never regretted coming here. Do I still miss my family – spoke to my youngest boet today – Xmas is not a good season for our family lest said the better. Enjoy your visitors and look to the future – we send our youngest off to the US for 3 years in 10 days so now our cycle as parents with kids o/s begins. Have a beaut holiday and relax and enjoy your visitors

  5. Marianne de Swardt

    Dankie Marlize, ek kon my in elke woord inleef. My tweeling bly ook in Australie 5000 km van mekaar in daardie groot land. Dis dis ver dis grootdie vetlange brand soms, skype en facetime tydig en ontydig en die ergste ek kan nie n sagte armpie voel nie. Gelukkig kan ek volgende jaar bir 3 maande gaan kuier maar o wee die pyn gedagte van weer tetugkom!

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