1. Yes, that’s the way it is here too. I let my son know when I arrive or go out. He also lets me know when they are save when going out on a long journey. My father always expected it to report back. My husband did too, I still do. Doesn’t cost muv
    ch to put your family at ease.

    • Marlize

      Common courtesy is all it is. I am so thankful that I have loved ones who care. Even though my mum is still in RSA, I get worried when I can’t reach them. When they go on holiday, I still want to know when they arrive safely.

  2. Chris Wheatley

    We did that for many years and still do.
    It didn’t cost us anything to ensure that your loved one is safe.

    Good topic Marlize.
    God bless you and your Fam.

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