1. lol…Had a bit of an embarrassed giggle reading your post my dear friend.

    You see, I’m the one that does not deal very well with ‘bwuhhh’ at all, in actual fact, just reading your post had me put down the rest of my lunch!

    While, I’m getting it out there: I can’t do open wounds and pulling that ‘hanging by a thread’-tooth either. I’ll much rather take out the maggot-invested bin or pick the remnants of ‘what was a gecko’ off the floor, as I did this morning.

    But, sharing that, I do agree with your post, we’re so blessed if we can operate as a team – in unity.

    I’m eternally grateful for my Spirit-filled husband; who, as part of God’s right hand, has been there to shape, form and chisel me over the years. I used to be extremely headstrong and one can say a rough diamond, especially with my tongue and temper. Sometimes, actually more often when I’m riding the monthly hormonal roller coaster, some of the tarnish presents itself big time, often in front of others.

    But know this, I’m trying, and by God’s grace and forgiveness, as well as my husband and other loved-ones’ unconditional love, I’ll overcome and be who He has called me to be.

    Thanks again for putting it out there…although it made me wanted to go ‘bwuhhh’

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