1. Nice post Marlize,

    Yep life does happen in Australia. The only difference being at a much slower pace and not with the savagery of Africa. Here we are all equal and unfortunately just another cog that can be replaced by another equal cog. Just ask Tony whatshisname. You walk in the office one day, a tap on the shoulder and you just somebody they used to know…

    As a 50 something white male back in SA that would be scary and most likely the last time you would ever work. But here it’s not the end of the world. I formed my own company and in 8 months only won 3 jobs so it’s not easy. But would I want to join the rat race again, definitely not. I worked to midnight last night to deliver results to my one client. Woke up to a beautiful day and ran along the coastal track next to arguably the best beaches in the world. Tough life!

    In contrast over the past 2 months two of my close family friends were attacked in SA. Fortunately the one couple were rescued by the police and the other was only badly beaten up.

    No thanks, I prefer the way life happens down under.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. We are also in the process of doing our own thing. This ratrace thing is not for us, and we would love to have more time as a family together. Your story encouraged me.

  2. Bummer indeed… excrement occurs all around the world…

    Hope Andy scores a job soon, but it may be a chance for some ‘life adjustments’ too. Often the undesired changes push us in the directions we don’t realise we need to go.

    I started my business after getting bumped from my job with the denomination coaching youth pastors. I was a bit disappointed as I loved my job, but the new boss shooed everyone out… in the process I discovered I loved running my own business and was good at it.

    • Thank you for the encouragement Andrew. We are going to go on our own and are praying for many open doors. You are right regarding the life adjustments. We have really been yearning for a slower pace, and this will hopefully be our answer.

  3. I would love to support you and your book. Do you know when it will be published? Are you going to put it on your blog to?
    Life is hard at times but still people survive by staying positive. Wish you luck with your business. My son is also trying to establish his own business before he can move on on his own.

    • Thank you so much. I am really hoping to have the book out in two weeks’ time:) It will be in ebook format and will be free! Whoohoo! It is seldom that you will get a quality book like that for free:) Will keep you update via the blog as well:) Much love and all the best to your l=son and his adventure – it is fly, fly, fly all the way for us, and we could really use any additional prayers:)

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