1. They’re all such normal emotions to be going through. We are, after all, products of all the experiences that have shaped and formed us as people and to deny one or the other would never solve anything. I too, love living in Australia but will also always remain a child of Africa. Every now and then listening to some South African music gives me my “SA fix” and “Al lê die berge nog so blou” has been in the back of my mind for a while, beckoning me to write about it. Even though I love life in Perth, it still pulls at the heartstrings when SA280 flies in or if the South African national anthem is sung before a rugby test match. The list goes on…

    • I said to someone today who have only been here two months when she said that she misses home, that her roots there are still deeper than here, of course she will miss home. But with time her roots will grow deeper here as well, and the longing will come less often…

  2. I am not an emotional person from the outside but inside I really wanted to cry when I read your encouraging words. I know come what may I will stay here and love everything here in NZ but….. A big but I miss my family, my own home and also the way everything was. But I can’t change it anymore. I’ve given up everything. Came over really with only my suitcase and photo albums. I am to old to start a whole new work space but… I will survive and still like you cry when I hear the SA national anthem

  3. Such a sad but also heartening post which all migrants will relate too. When the honeymoon is over the hard truths settle in. It’s how we respond to our inner voices which will finally determine the hues of our new lives. And yes. You Are Not Alone.

    • It is like that every where isn’t it? I think is is knowing that they are not alone – we so seldom want to show others when we are weak, thinking that they will judge us, but it is when we have the courage to say, “I am having one of those days,” that we get the opportunity to encourage one another.
      Thanks for commenting Jo, I really do appreciate it:)

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