1. Great advice here! In Northern Canada we always referred to coffee growing up as “Brown Nectar.” When I went to Portugal in 2008 to study abroad I asked a barista for a cup of the brown nectar and she was appalled! I don’t know if the combination of terms broke some sort of cultural boundary over there or what the deal was, but I suppose I learned that it is very important to know how to order things correctly based on where you are! Good read for sure! 😉

    • Very true and important to know the terms and expressions. The check out ladies was met by a blank expression (in the early days after our arrival) when asking whether I had any flybuys. Now you know when you travel to Australia.
      Thank you for the positive comment, much appreciated.

  2. This is so interesting! Apart from instant coffee and the selection you buy from Checkers for your perculator, I know nothing of coffee. I did once have an espresso to see what the fuss was about and it did not taste good…I guess I should stick to instant 🙂

    • After years of Ricoffy I have migrated from instant to filter and would recommend that you try a flat white:) I’ll shout you a coffee (stick you one:) ) should we ever get the opportunity to meet.

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