1. Onthou how I said I love reading your blog posts? Net die Engelse ones. Ek Kan nie die Afrikaans Se ones verstaan nie. I feel like I did when I saw Nathaniel live…. I am totally missing out because of my limited language skills.

    • Dearest Crossedwire:) Just for you I will attempt a translation as there are certain things… matters of the deepest recesses of my heart, that can only be said in Afrikaans. But here goes:
      I loved a man once. Not an attractive man. ‘n Young man with a body of strange proportions, ‘n big nose, long fingers, full lips, chocolate brown eyes, wavy hair and a voice that tasted like red wine. I loved him with every breath I had.

      For a long time. A very long time.

      A week before I got married he phoned to hear why I would do such a thing. And I wanted to know if he wanted a secnd chance? He never answered and I married another. A man as solid as an anchor in a stormy sea, with a crooked smile,strong hands, no hair and a soft manner.

      I would have turned around, he just needed to say the words. This man, I once loved. This man that I loved with all of me. He just had to ask, but he didn’t. He was bound to something else, and that somehow saved me.

      He died, this beloved man. In a hospital after a streetfight at a night club.

      I dreamt of him before he died. He came to say that he was ready now, would I please come, he needed me.

      But, I loved a man. A man as solid as an anchor in a stormy sea, with a crooked smile, strong hands, no hair and a soft spoken manner. I turned around and walked away, leaving him in the middle of the road. Alone, broken, spiritless.

      Then he died.

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