Discovering coffee shops in Perth

I love coffee! And I love coffee shops in Perth.

(Because that is where I live.)

I always joke and say that my kids could sit still in a coffee shop before they could sit still in church.

Many of my readers will know that I love coffee.  I think I love the smell more than the taste, though I am open to debate it. The first morning cup is always the best. (I have tried to have a second and third cup with half an hour of the first cup, and the taste is always a let down.)

Since arriving in Australia in August 2008, I have been ‘inducted’ into a new way of having coffee – the Australian way. In Australia, business is done at coffee shops, around flat whites, long blacks or foaming cappuccinos. It took me almost a year of ordering half-strength long blacks before I could stomach a full strength one.  I am a firm supporter of long black coffee as the true taste of coffee, but have not ventured my hand at espresso’s yet.  If a long black has me running for the loo, what would one of those small caffeine bombs do?

In the beginning I decried the absence of creative coffee shops in Perth. I missed the personality of the coffee shops that I grew up with. I wanted a place that oozed personality. Something more original than the franchised chains that you get in the shopping malls.

Searching for coffee shops in Perth with personality

This has had me set off on an adventure of discovering coffee shops with a bit of a creative streak.  Something different tucked away in an alley or somewhere in an industrial area even.

And so, I am looking for coffee shops in Perth that give something different. Something that makes you come back for more, time after time.

Please follow me as I discover little gems that may not have the backing of bigger franchises behind them.

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